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Getting started

Welcome the Vendor Registration, the portal designed to provide a registration process for contractors, vendors and suppliers to the Hanford Site. Watch the video below for directions on getting started.

Important Fiscal Year Dates

Fiscal Month Fiscal Month End
Oct 2022 Oct 23
Nov 2022 Nov 20
Dec 2022 Dec 25
Jan 2023 Jan 22
Feb 2023 Feb 19
Mar 2023 Mar 26
Apr 2023 Apr 23
May 2023 May 21
Jun 2023 Jun 25
Jul 2023 Jul 23
Aug 2023 Aug 20
Sep 2023 Sep 30

Key features

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Register and Join Vendors;

Submit information on your company, its scope of services and contact information.

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Add Reps & Certs

Publish certifications about your company and relate those details to NAICS codes.

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Entering Accruals 

Provide monthly estimates on activities performed for each Hanford Prime Contractor. 

Tell us about your company

Is this is your first time using the Hanford Vendor Registration portal? Create a new account and provide information about your company by submitting a new Vendor Registration form via the My Vendors landing page. 

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About VendReg

The Hanford Vendor Registration System, also known as VendReg, is a collection of web apps and automted services that enable vendors of the Hanford site to provide imformation about their company, certifications and work activities. The VendReg system promotes sharing of timely and accurate information between companies doing work for Hanford and supply chain management personnel for each Hanford Prime Contractor.